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Challenge: brainstorm all the billion-dollar companies you can think of.

I will list the ones that pop into my mind immediately: Netflix, Instagram, Google (of course) and Waze.

Before I reveal what condition they have all passed to grant them that elusive passcode to the exclusive billion-dollar unicorn club, let me provide you more insight.

I am currently trying to evaluate the potential size of my business, Wing, as we are gearing up for speaking to investors. Wing is a fully contactless business card that harnesses the same technology used by Apple Pay to exchange contact info.

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Disclaimer: I actually started my podcast spending a grand total of £35 ($49) because I already had a microphone (a very average one).

I launched my podcast, The Millennial Entrepreneur, in April 2020. I wanted to create a podcast in the entrepreneurship category that young people could relate to and so my podcast was born.

A week after launching, it was ranked 23rd in the UK for the Entrepreneurship podcast category on Apple Podcasts and has been consistently in the UK charts ever since.

The truth is, I could have ranked higher if I was willing to create a larger…

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How your brand is perceived is a consequence of all the messages that are communicated through your channels to your consumers.

Every advert, every customer service interaction, every mention on social media, the colour of the packaging, the seasonal offer.

As a founder of a new company, Wing, that concentrates on innovating in the space of in-person networking with fully contactless business cards, the brand is massively important to us to act as an added barrier to entry where entry barriers are low.

And if you’re like me, where sleek branding doesn’t come naturally, chances are you have probably fallen…

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Growing a business is difficult.

Growing a billion dollar business is near enough impossible, unless your execution is so crisp and your startup passes Google’s ex-CEO Larry Page’s infamous toothbrush test.

Within the execution, pricing strategies can be a minefield — a minefield that in many instances can directly dictate the longevity of your business.

I am currently trying to evaluate the pricing strategy of my business, Wing, as we are gearing up for speaking to investors, as well as ensuring long-term scalability.

Wing is a fully contactless business card that harnesses the same technology used by Apple Pay to…

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If you are like me, your mind is always thinking of business ideas.

I have had several businesses in the past. Some have done well, but most have failed. I am proud to say my success record is improving though!

For my first startup, I wasted £3,000 jumping into tech development work straight away because in my mind I thought it was the only way I could test my idea.

Yes, it looked incredible. But did anyone use it when it was finished?

Absolutely not.

With my new business, Wing, I am concentrating on innovating the space of in-person networking…

Unsplash | Photo by Queens

Four months ago, I had an idea to start a new business focusing on innovating in the in-person networking space called Wing.

In February this year, we released our MVP product of a contactless business card, and the sales have grown pretty steadily since then.

There was one thing, though — while people liked it, they didn’t love it.

Fast forward to now, we are very close to landing our first large-scale B2B client, which will provide us thousands of pounds in recurring revenue, and they cannot wait to get their hands on our cards.

The whole business mentality had…

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The prospect of a midlife crisis can be daunting for many, as well as almost mythical for others.

As a 23-year-old myself, it is easy to think midlife crises will never happen to me and even if they do; they are a symptom of wrong decisions, bad luck, or setting unrealistic, unattainable life expectations.

Inevitably, the question boils down to:

“Is the ‘midlife crisis’ even a real thing?”

What if the midlife crisis isn’t just an extremely real concept, but what if we, as humans, are genetically predisposed to experiencing it.

In other words, what if we have evolved to…

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe Herd left the global leading dating app, Tinder, that she herself co-founded due to alleged sexual harassment. She pledged to change the structure of dating apps to empower women and Bumble was born.

Fast-forward 7 years to 2021, Herd took Bumble public and became the youngest self-made female billionaire in history at only 31 years old.

However, we’re all familiar with this story by now — it has been heavily documented in the news and publications that this is a story about female empowerment and the riches Herd gained, and while this is most definitely true…

Image by Travel Sourced from Pixabay

Let me introduce you to my friend Jacob Zander.

He used to work at Trader Joe’s and while working there, came up with an idea — creating foot souls for Converse shoes.

What’s unique about his brand, Feel Your Soul, is that Jacob has grown sales of his products into thousands of units per month without spending a single penny on marketing.

19,423 orders from October — December 2020 to be exact.

By harnessing the power of TikTok and starting from scratch, Jacob has grown his following on the social media platform to over 400k, amassing several videos over 1…

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

The Millennial Entrepreneur launched in April 2020 and to date, it has charted in many countries around the world in the Entrepreneurship category — from the UK to Italy to Qatar.

What’s funny — is that in many countries — that my podcast has charted in, naively, I didn’t even realise they listened to podcasts!

It is very easy to experience growth in any line of business — whether that is podcasting, e-commerce, retail, etc., and not analyse where that growth originated from.

In fact, I fell into this trap, until my new business course forced me to ponder the…

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