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The CEO of Google uses this test to evaluate which companies they should acquire

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It’s the small details that propel you into the charts

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How I tested my tech start-up idea by ‘borrowing’ other online services for almost no money.

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4 steps to change the word ‘like’ to ‘love’

Unsplash | Photo by Queens

Apes & monkeys get them too

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“Is the ‘midlife crisis’ even a real thing?”

From the founders revolutionising double dating with exponential growth

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The formula to increase your sales volume by 6,567% from just one video

Image by Travel Sourced from Pixabay

Strategies that have taken my podcast to chart worldwide and a new lens to consider for your business

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How large retailers, such as Adidas, are dipping their toes in the video gaming industry — and winning.

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Why Are They Doing This?

It will change your life for the better, even if no one listens.

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Sina Sadrzadeh

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